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Huggins GramMarch 2nd | Featured Speaker: Dr. Kevin Huggins
Kevin is Pastor of Spiritual Direction & Soul Care and Director of Counselor Training & Supervision at Fellowship Church’s Biblical Life Counseling Center in Knoxville, where he’s served since 2005. He is an ordained minister and received his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology & Family Counseling from Union University, after having completed his M.Div. and M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Grace Theological Seminary. Kevin is also a graduate of the Univ of Pennsylvania’s Post-Doctoral Certificate Program in Couples & Family Therapy. He previously served at Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn Univ) in the roles of Graduate Professor of Christian Counseling, Dean of the Graduate School, and University Provost. Kevin has spoken extensively in the U.S. and internationally to families and counselors, and has previously served in the role of pastor to youth, young adults, and families, college and prison chaplain, and marriage and family therapist. He regularly consults and trains churches and non-profits on the topics of organizational leadership and family ministries. Kevin is the author of four books: Parenting Adolescents, Making Peace with Your Teenager, Guiding Your Teenager to a Faith that Lasts, and Friendship Counseling.
Topic: Living from your Best Self.
There is much of talk about “living your best life” these days, but that notion makes the false assumption that you and I can somehow will the circumstances of our life into our control. In reality, there is a significant amount of your life that is beyond your control. You cannot control the decisions and choices of your spouse, co-workers or supervisor. You do not have control over the economy. Even your health is to a great degree, out of your complete control. There is a better mantra for men than “live your best life”. As men, we can learn to live from our best self. On March 2nd, Kevin will help you discover the inner glory God has gifted you, and teach you how to live from the best version of yourself.

Registration for March 2nd is OPEN.

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